Technological world

The year is 2135. I’m was my way to work in my flying blue volvo. The work I did was really boring, but I felt like it was a necessity. The world needs secretaries and there’s nothing we can do about that. We tried making robots to take over those jobs for us. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

The robots malfunctioned because the bosses got irritated and threw coffee at them. After multiple incidents containing coffee, they have decided to drop the robots. So people like me have to do the hard work of serving the perfect coffee to the boss and to handle the orders. We had waged a war against another company so I had a tough time following.

The boss wanted multiple cameras with really sensitive microphones outside the opposing company’s building. That way we would have gotten our hands on sensitive information that we could use against them. To make sure our information was secure we had a computer ,with everything sensitive on, safe in an aluminium covered vault that way they can’t use laser goggles to check out our information. We made sure to have all the information on the computer in the vault. That way they won’t get anywhere by hacking our systems and computers. Even my computer has some security just because I’m the boss’s secretary.

After a long day of running around the building listening to my boss I was finally able to go home and sleep. Well that was the plan. But on my way home suddenly the power went. The whole city turned black. No flying cars. No lights around. Everything was pitch black. The whole city was doomed. Without power or technology we couldn’t survive. Fortunately for me I watched a video of my grandparents from the 21th century. They showed me how they survived in the wild without any technology at all except for the camera they brought. All they had was their bare hands.

Watching that video showed me how I could survive, but I wasn’t able to help the others in the city. There were some kind of forcefield that blocked power in our city which made it impossible for other people to come and save us. Because of that incident I lost my family and everyone I cared about. The only survivors from our city were me and 4 others. We weren’t able to get a job because we didn’t have anything at all. No one would help us. Because of that I don’t have any purpose in life and writing this factual story is the last thing I am doing before I’m taking my own life.

Dear Kareem

I have something on my chest that I need to get out, and you are the one that I can open up to. This week, my family and I went to Bradford to visit another family. We exchanged pictures of our children to arrange a marriage. For my two sons. I decided to buy some clothes and watches for them because of the marriage, and unfortunately they found the suitcase with the items in it. When I got home I found one of my 5 sons cleaning up the mess.

He didn’t want to tell me who did all the mess and therefore I started pounding him. My wife dared to stand up and call me a pig when I was pounding my son. Then I let my son go and started hitting my wife. My children and wife does not believe in me anymore. They stopped listening to me, even though I just want what’s best for them. I don’t know what to do anymore. I want them to live happily with a Pakistani wife, but they don’t listen to me. They won’t get married no matter how much I try.

What can I do to put them on the right path? They claim that they’re not Pakistani, they claim that they are English. They don’t have any respect left in them. Apparently I am not a good father. Apparently they’ve had enough. Apparently they’re fed up. Please help me Kareem, my friend.

Shalom aleikhem, George.


MacBeth was a good film if you do understand the way they are talking. The content was not hard to understand because of the actions that were made. Unfortunately I did not really understand everything they said. Most of the things they said is still unclear for me. The activities we did beforehand did not really help for the understanding. The things I enjoyed the most was probably the fighting. I do not really know what I enjoyed the least about the movie, but the language was difficult to keep up with.

Dear President

I as an American citizen would advice you to put some extra time into the education. Education is an important part of life. It may be our only way of getting a job and helping the US with growing the economics. The US needs more workplaces and more people need to come out of poverty. If that is going to possible they need an education.

Another advice I would give you is to help the other countries to take down ISIS. That way the US will get more allies and more friendly nations to trade with. If we get more allies we will be more likely to get more help if anything would happen to us. I am not saying that we should only rely on the other nations, but I am saying that a nation which can provide help is a good thing for us.

At last I would like to tell you that you should make sure that everyone has a life or a health insurance. Not everyone has enough money to pay for an insurance and that is something you should help with. Provide poor people with a life or a health insurance to make sure no one dies because they can not afford to pay the hospital bills.

How do you choose a book to read?

When it comes to choosing a book many people find it difficult. Especially because they want a book they find interesting. There is many solutions to finding a book, but I will tell you some ways. You can look at the cover of the book and check if the picture or even the title of the book is interesting to you. Another way is to read the teaser on the back. You can also check if the book has any reviews and if so you can check who recommended the book. If you trust the recommender you have found an interesting book for you. The most trustworthy recommenders are your friends. They know probably know what kind of book suits you. That way they can let you know if they read an interesting book that might amuse you. If you still have problems finding a book you can jump to the middle of a book and read maybe one or two pages to see if the content is interesting. That is some advice I have for you when it comes to finding a book to read. I hope you have found a book that you enjoy after reading this.

Humans of Oslo


Today I met some nice visitors of Oslo. The couple were from Turkey and lives in Istanbul. They found Oslo really interesting and they loved the museums they visited. I asked them what they enjoyed best in their life and the answer to that was “meeting new people”.

Today is a special day for muslims and they visited the mosque in Oslo. They told me that they really liked meeting muslims from other countries as well. I asked them where they’ve been lately. The couple from Turkey had been in Stockholm as well, they fancied the buildings there.

Unfortunately they didn’t know which was better, Oslo or Stockholm. They fancied the fact that Oslo was green and was enjoying their Oslo trip very much. The couple said that they were going to spend time on a boat and  was heading back to Istanbul.






A Beautiful Country

The country I’m here to talk about is a large country. It is the seventh largest country in the world and has over a billion people living in it. 4 religions originated in this beautiful large country. The flag of the country has the colours green, white and orange. In the middle thaflag has a symbol. In the south you will find the state named Tamil Nadu. The people living in Tamil Nadu mostly speak Tamil. The south also has an amusement park named Athisayam which has 20 water rides and 40 games. Due to the hot climate it will be refreshing to visit Athisayam.The country was a colonized by the British empire during the 18th century.

A little bit about myself as a norwegian teenager

My name is Sindre, I’m 16 years old and I live in Heggedal, Asker. I’m mostly positive, but depends a bit on the situation. My parents are from Sri Lanka and they moved to Norway about 30 years ago. I have a big brother who is currently 22 years old. He turns 23 in September. He studies at NTNU in Trondheim. NTNU is a university. Im currently doing 1st class in A-level so I still have a while to go before thinking about a university.

Here in Norway we have a school system that force you to do atleast 10 years of school, after that you can choose if you want to continue studying or not. Some people may think that school is boring, and I agree. School is boring, but important. The fact that you go to school can decide if you are getting a good job or not. I chose to continue studying and I have atleast this and 2 more years to come. After A-level I can continue studying at a university if I want to.

For me football has been something that matters to me for ages, but unfortunately I haven’t played for a team for about a year and a half. The reason behind that is that I used to play for Heggedal, but we weren’t enough people to continue playing against people our own age. Therefore we have to combine our boys 2000 team with the boys 1999 team. That team went on for a long time but it met its end as well.

Teammates decided to transfer to other teams for a bigger challenge and a better progression. Because of that we had a lack of people once again. We decided to disband the team and there was no more Heggedal, boys 2000/1999. After that I played for the under 19 team, it was fun while it lasted. I decided to quit playing for them as well because the people I played with/against were bigger than me and better than me. I have had the thought of playing football again, but haven’t done anything with the thought.

I’m not like other Norwegian teenagers. Because my parents came from Sri Lanka I am kinda different from Norwegian teenagers. For me, being a Norwegian teenager feels great, but because of my background I feel like I live 2 different lives. One with Norwegians and another with other Tamil people.

Being a Norwegian teenager is great. You meet a lot of other teenagers who are hopefully nice and kind. As a teenager the country has a lot to offer as well. As I mentioned earlier I used to play football. Norway has that to offer, Norway offers a lot of community events that you can join to meet new people or to just have fun. Football, handball, basketball, skiing, ice hockey and even floorball, all activities a teenager need is available.

Not only sports either, you have music groups, bands and orchestras. These activities are just examples of what Norway has to offer. I as a teenager love this about Norway, so many opportunities to do what you really want to do. Norway offers free primary school as well. That way people will get an education without having to pay for the school itself. There’s also youth clubs that we teenagers can go to, atleast here in Asker. It’s easy to travel via bus or train. That way you can attend to any community event that you want to attend to.